Sculpture Park in Ayia Napa


Found on the crossroad of Kyrou Nerou and Cavo Greco Street, the impressive Sculpture Park of Ayia Napa attracts hundreds of visitors all-year-round. The Sculpture Park is spread across an extensive area surrounded by breathtaking natural beauty and landscapes.

Being the only park of its kind on the island, the Sculpture Park is considered a source of culture and art, not only for Ayia Napa but the entire Famagusta region.

The park is decorated by impressive sculptures. The majority were created by famous artists who took part in Ayia Napa’s annual Sculpture Symposium.

Profitis Elias – Konnoi Hiking Trail in Protaras

Whoever has visited Cyprus already knows that the island is made for adventures and explorations in nature. One of the most popular hiking trails available in Ayia Napa is the Profitis Elias – Konnoi Hiking Trail, which begins at Prophet Elias Chapel and ends at Konnos Beach. The linear trek is approximately 8.5 kilometres long and takes about 3 hours to complete.

Along the way you will soak in breathtaking views of the coast and the surrounding landscapes. You will also get to visit the picturesque Chapel of Prophet Elias, Agiou Ioanni as well as Agion Saranta.

Hellenistic & Roman Period Cemetery in Protaras


The Hellenistic & Roman Period Cemetery is also known as the Makronisos Cemetery. The ancient cemetery is home to 19 tombs. The entrance of the cemetery was initially sealed with a large calcarenite slab or two smaller calcarenite slabs.

Besides the ancient tombs, excavations revealed many historic treasures such as clay sarcophagi that are exhibited at Thalassa Municipal Museum.

Cape Greco National Forest Park in Protaras


The amazing biotope, Cape Greco became a designated National Forest Park back in 1993. The unspoilt park is considered a place of natural beauty and tranquillity as well as offering a number of things to do and see!

The park is spread across 385 hectares of unspoilt pine-fringed landscapes. It is home to a diverse range of botanic plants, sea caves, cliffs and marvellous glistening blue bays. The biotope is also home to hares, foxes and hedgehogs as well as 80 different species of birds, butterflies and lizards.

The park is ideal for adventurers looking to explore the area by setting off on one of the many hiking or cycling trails available. Depending on the hike you choose, you will encounter a variety of impressive landmarks and attractions as well, like the Hermit’s Sea Cave, the picturesque white-washed Church of Agioi Anargyroi as well as a lighthouse and the ruins of an ancient temple dedicated to Goddess Aphrodite.

Besides trekking across the park, many prefer exploring the areas underwater sea caves and waterbeds by diving or snorkelling. The waters are rich in sea life making it one of the top sites in Cyprus for snorkelling.

All in all, Cape Greco National Park is a dream area for nature enthusiasts as well as the adventurer and sea lover.

Ayia Napa Cactus Park


Ayia Napa’s newest natural attraction was created in 2015 when the Municipality of Ayia Napa opened the amazing Cactus Park. Ayia Napa’s Municipality planted a wide variety of cactus plants in a barren area with the purpose of creating the largest cactus park across the Mediterranean. Currently the cactus park is home to 6000-8000 plants.

The park is found on the edge of the coastal town Ayia Napa, adjoining the Sculpture Park. Besides the lovely and rare cactus variety, visitors enjoy the magnificent views of the glistening blue sea and the calmness and serenity of the area.

Nature lovers get to view a combination range of small and large plants while visiting the Cactus Park. As the years go by the plants will flourish making it an impressive sight.

Ayios Epifanios Church in Protaras

The picturesque chapel of Ayios Epifanios lies on a slope of a cliff over the ruins of a former chapel. The chapel is dedicated to Ayios Epifanios, the Byzantine Bishop of Salamis.

After extensive restorations, the Holy Water and ruins were discovered that are both accessible to the public. From the church, visitors marvel at breathtaking views of Paliochori (Old Village). Paliochori was a Byzantine settlement which was ruined by the Arab attacks and raids during 632 – 964 A.D. However, the ruins of the settlement are still there.

A larger and more modern church was constructed near the old chapel with the initiative of the Ayia Napa Municipality, the Ecclesiastical Commissioners and the Clergy.

Ayioi Anargyroi Chapel in Protaras

One of the very few buildings found in Cape Greco National Park is the picturesque white-washed Chapel of Ayioi Anargyroi. The chapel is dedicated to Saint Kosmas and Damianos, two doctors who cured the sick without receiving money in exchange. The locals refer to them as the Omosianoi Saints. As legend has it, during the doctors’ journey they faced some trouble out at sea and their boat carried them into a cave which was converted into a chapel. As the years went by, a new chapel was built on the peak of a rock right above the cave.

Besides the serenity the chapel exudes, visitors marvel at the amazing vistas of the surrounding landscapes as well as glistening azure sea.

Ayia Napa Water Park

Known as one of the top twelve water parks across the world, Ayia Napa Water Park has been awarded multiple distinctions and prizes through the years.

Hundreds of locals and tourists visit the Greek mythology themed water park during the summer months for endless hours of fun and play. What makes the water park so popular is the fact it was created based on Greek mythology. The characters are impressively and realistically depicted throughout the park, including the water slides, games as well as entertainment venues.

The Ayia Napa Water Park offers a fun-packed day for the entire family.

Ayia Napa Monastery

The most significant landmark found in Ayia Napa is the Ayia Napa Monastery, found in the heart of the coastal tourist town. Dominating the town’s central square, the Ayia Napa Monastery has been visited by thousands of visitors through the years, including the worldwide known Greek poet, George Seferis. The famed poet was so struck by the beauty of the monastery that he wrote a poem about the monastery named, Ayia Napa B.

Although it is unsure exactly when the Monastery was constructed, the cave of the monastery indicates that Christians used to meet there in secret around the 11th century. The Franks built the first part of the temple between the 13th-14th centuries. The remainder Ayia Napa Monastery was completed by the Venetians during their reign in Cyprus in the 15th century

In ancient Greek, Napa means forest and woodland, therefore the monastery is dedicated to Our Lady of the Forest. The Monastery provides a wonderful and calm oasis within the vibrant and lively tourist resort.

Ayia Napa Harbour

The charming Harbour of Ayia Napa is one of the main and top landmarks to visit while visiting the coastal town. In the past, Ayia Napa Harbour was merely a small cove with a few fishing boats, known as Kaikia. In the early 1970s, the harbour gained its first breakwater, which was the start of the present development of the port.

Currently, the top-notch Harbour is home to cruise ships, speed boats, sailboats as well as fleets of fishing boats. Visitors enjoy strolling on the pedestrian lanes across the Harbour. The two pedestrian lanes lead to towering lighthouses worth-visiting.

The colourful and picturesque Harbour is a great place to explore. Walking through the area visitors come across charming cafes, fish taverns, souvenir shops as well as an open-air theatre and impressive fountains.

Ayia Napa Harbour is one of the finest of its kind and well worth your visit.