Covid-19 Update – March 2022

Our Commitment to Our Guests

Bearing in mind the COVID-19 virus, our priority, as always, is the well-being, the safety, and the health of our guests, team members, and business partners.  For close to half a century, we at the Nissi Park Hotel have dedicated our efforts to providing high quality services and ensure the health of our guests in all areas of operation.

As we welcome you back to the Nissi Park Hotel, we are highly committed to establishing a safe environment in accordance with the protocols and guidelines issued by the World Health Organization and Cyprus Ministry of Health with regards to COVID-19. A risk assessment has been conducted by our Health & Safety consultants resulting in revised operation manuals such as the Emergency plan and the Prevention of Spread of Infection (POSI) plan to encompass COVID-19 handling procedures.

We would like to assure you that all the aforementioned protocols and guidelines are now deeply engrained in our hotel operations so as to keep our guests, business partners, team members, and the wider community safe and healthy.

We consider it our duty to inform you on the measures undertaken to ensure that our guests will be safe and have peace of mind during their stay at the Nissi Park Hotel.

The following outlined preventive measures have been applied with the aim of covering all aspects of the hotel operation.

Team members

We are proud to announce that all our team members have participated in seminars approved by the Cyprus Ministry of Health regarding Covid-19, and we are ready to react according to our emergency plan in case of a suspected and/or confirmed case of COVID-19.

Public Areas

All touch-and-go surfaces in our public and high-traffic areas (lobby, corridors, etc.) will be systematically cleaned with antiseptics by our dedicated staff. Doors and windows in all public areas will regularly be open during the day to allow for the circulation of fresh air.

Hand Sanitiser/Antiseptic Stations

Hand sanitiser/antiseptic stations are present in all sanitary facilities, at the hotel entrance, at front desk, at our restaurant and bar and other common areas.

Social Distancing

Directional signage is displayed in public areas to remind guests to maintain social distancing and reduce incidental face-to-face interaction. Furthermore, partitions at the check-in area will provide an extra level of security for our guests and our associates.

Guest Rooms

Prior to every guest check-in, a thorough cleaning and disinfection process will take place.

Our guest rooms, especially all frequently touched surfaces, will be cleaned with hospital-grade disinfectants on a systematic basis. Doors and windows in every guest room will be open during room cleaning to allow for the circulation of fresh air.

Rooms will be cleaned using suitable disinfectants only when guests are out of their rooms, as recommended by the Cyprus Ministry of Health’s protocol.

All non-essential items will be removed from all rooms.

Our team members will wear personal protective equipment, which will be changed after the cleaning of each room.

All hard surfaces and frequently used items, such as switches and remote controls, will be disinfected regularly on a daily basis.

Restaurant and Bar

Hand sanitiser/antiseptic stations are available at the entrances of our restaurant and bar.

Protective gloves will be mandatory when handling serving utensils, which will be limited to individual portion buffet areas.

All equipment and utensils will be replaced every 20 minutes.

Our restaurant and bar area are set up to ensure adequate distancing between tables.

Signs will stipulate the maximum number of persons in our restaurant and bar.

Our restaurant will use single use table mats and napkins.

All hard surfaces will be disinfected as soon as guests finish their meals.

Team members will wear personal protective equipment at all times.


Any guest room maintenance will take place only by appointment and when the guests are absent from their room.

Maintenance members will wear personal protective equipment at all times.

All work areas will be disinfected before and after the maintenance task has been undertaken.

Swimming Pools and Surrounding Areas

Our hotel has the capacity to provide sunbeds and umbrellas for each guest’s. Every sunbed will be disinfected every morning.

Sunbeds will be distanced by 1.5-2 meters between pairs.

Signs will indicate the maximum number of persons in each one of our swimming pools

Guests should respect social distancing measures when using the hotel pools.

Guests must take a shower and must disinfect their feet in foot baths before the use of the swimming pools.

Guests are obliged to follow the rules of personal hygiene, which are outlined in the swimming pools areas (washing of hands, personal bathroom cleaner and the use of slippers in changing rooms).

Action plan

The Management Team has established an action plan tailored to the situation and is implementing it in accordance with the recommendations of local and national public health authorities with the aim to prevent cases, effectively manage cases, and mitigate impact among clients and staff, including cleaning and disinfection of rooms occupied by any ill person/s.

The plan will be updated if and when necessary, as a consequence of new guidance, procedures, or regulations issued by pertinent authorities.

Nissi Park Hotel has established a Crisis Emergency Team, which includes Senior Management members.

Management members has participated in an extensive training program regarding suspected or confirmed cases of COVID-19. As a pioneer in the hotel industry, we acknowledge the consequences resulting from COVID-19. Therefore, we implement adamantly all the appropriate measures to safeguard that our valuable guests will enjoy their holidays safely and with peace of mind.

In closing, we would like to assure you that the Nissi Park Hotel has taken the opportunity to redefine, update, and modify wherever necessary, all our health and safety measures. Moreover, we will stay updated and implement all the latest advice from the World Health Organization (WHO), the European Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (ECDC) and the Cyprus Ministry of Health.

Due to regular changes in and evolution of Covid19 protocols, guest conduct rules, changes to travel restrictions, hotel facilities, and some guest activities are subject to change without notice. Imagery and messaging may not accurately reflect current destination experiences, offerings, features, or activity/entertainment programs.

The Nissi Park Hotel Team