Ayia Napa Cactus Park


Ayia Napa’s newest natural attraction was created in 2015 when the Municipality of Ayia Napa opened the amazing Cactus Park. Ayia Napa’s Municipality planted a wide variety of cactus plants in a barren area with the purpose of creating the largest cactus park across the Mediterranean. Currently the cactus park is home to 6000-8000 plants.

The park is found on the edge of the coastal town Ayia Napa, adjoining the Sculpture Park. Besides the lovely and rare cactus variety, visitors enjoy the magnificent views of the glistening blue sea and the calmness and serenity of the area.

Nature lovers get to view a combination range of small and large plants while visiting the Cactus Park. As the years go by the plants will flourish making it an impressive sight.

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