Ayia Napa Medieval Festival

The Ayia Napa Medieval Festival is an annual event that transports all its visitors to the fairytale world of medieval times, where crusaders, knights, princes and princesses roamed the world. The festival is held every October. The purpose of the festival is to reproduce medieval Cyprus and how this period left its mark on the island’s cultural heritage.

The medieval events include medieval theatrical plays, street theatre performances, music concerts and dance performances performed by various European dance groups. Besides the entertainment section, visitors can also enjoy the medieval market where products such as wine and food are sold as well as medieval workshops like basketry and pottery. Visitors also marvel at the medieval exhibitions depicting medieval items.

Ayia Napa International Festival

The Ayia Napa International Festival was launched to give locals and tourists the opportunity to enjoy the traditions and customs of Cyprus through folklore arts and music. The annual event takes place in September at Ayia Napa’s Sepheris Square, where the town’s Venetian Ayia Napa Monastery is found.

The festival was first launched in 1985 marking the beginning of an incredibly successful event. The festivities mirror the cultural, historic and agricultural customs and traditions of Cyprus. The Ayia Napa International Festival program includes concerts, operas as well as theatrical performances and Cypriot and international folklore dancing. All the events illustrate the past and present traditions and life of Cyprus. Besides the performances and events, visitors also enjoy the various kiosks that offer traditional agricultural produce and delicacies.

Ayia Napa Cultural Winter Festival

Most believe that Ayia Napa is the ideal summer destination; however the magical coastal town is also a wonderful winter destination due to its many cultural events. One of the most popular is the annual Ayia Napa Cultural Winter Festival. The Ayia Napa Municipality and the Cyprus Tourism Organisation first launched the cultural festival in 1997 attracting both locals and tourists alike.

The festival begins in November and ends in April every year. Its captivating and exciting program includes concerts, symphonies, recitals, theatrical and dance performances and art exhibitions presented by foreign and local artists. The majority of the events take place at Ayia Napa’s Municipal Town Hall and a free of charge